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Conclave August 2016

Clergy of the Priestly Society of The Inner Christ the Light

“Take heed, then, to have but one Eucharist.
For there is one flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ, and one cup to [show forth] the unity of His blood; one altar;
as there is one bishop, along with the presbyters and deacons, my fellow-servants:
that so, whatsoever you do, you may do it according to [the will of] God.”
St. Ignatius of Antioch, Epistle to the Philadelphians, 4:1, 110 A.D.

"You should know that the Bishop is in the Church, and the Church is in the Bishop. If anyone is not with the Bishop, he is not within the Church."  St. Cyprian
"The Lord grants forgiveness to all those who repent, if they turn to penitence to the unity of God, and to be in communion with the Bishop."  St. Ignatius

* please note all clergy of this society do this from their heart therefore they do not get paid a penny to do this ministry

* Please note our Priests, Deacons nor Communities are not listed please contact us at info@psicl.org

 and we can put you in contact with them through our local convening bishops.


Convening Bishop + Alban (Kirk P. Mason) Ba M.Ed  D.D

Certificate: Paralegal (Legal Studies)
Residents: Syracuse NY (Non-Geographical)

Parish: Progressive Celtic Church
Apostolic Succession


Convening Bishop Rodney Rickard Bs M.Th D.D
Residents: Fort Plain, NY (Non-Geographical)
Ministry: Primitive Catholic Church


Convening Bishop Thomas Mills BS M.Th
Residents: Concord, Virginia, USA (Non-Geographical)
Ministry: All Saints Celtic Church


Convening Bishop John Stansell, Ph.D.
Residents: Pickens, SC, USA (Non-Geographical)
Ministry: St. Benedict Liberty Catholic Church



Co-Convening Bishop + Janet Stansell
Residents: Pickens, SC, USA (Non-Geographical
Ministry: St. Benedict Liberty Catholic Church
















Convening Bishop Jim Russell

Resident: Cleburne, Texas (Non-Graphical)

Ministry: Saint Hadrian and St. Leonard Liberal Catholic Mission


Convening Bishop Brendan Rumph MBA
Resident: Cedar Park, TX (Non-Geographical)
Ministry: St. Dymphna’s Hermitage of the Holy Name


Convening Bishop + J. Daniel Stansell
Resident: Easley, South Carolina, USA (Non-Geographical)
Ministry: Saint Morgan's Liberal Catholic Mission

Convening Bishop Samuel Jin DD
Resident: Flushing, NY (Non-Geographical)
Ministry: Central Liberal Catholic Church of America

Convening Bishop Michael (Collumcille) Holliday

Resident: Redbluff, California (Non-Geographical)

Ministry: Hermitage of St. Cuthbert


Convening Bishop John D. Gee

Resident: Bremerton, Washington (Non-Geographical)

Ministry: St. Brendan the Navigator Celtic Christian Ministry


Convening Bishop +Valdiveso P. Matthews ( Mikael III Basilides)

Resident: Reading, Michigan (Non-Geographical)

Ministry: Grand Chaplain of the Venerable Religious and Chivalric Order of Saint George


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