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Conclave August 2016

                                                                    DO YOU NEED A MINISTER OR PRIEST TO MARRY YOU?
                                                                                      * IN MINISTRY SINCE 1999
                                                                       * RELIGIOUS OR NON-RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES
                                                                                         * NON-DENOMINATIONAL
                                                                                       * WEDDINGS PERFORMED
                                                                                              * VOWS RENEWED
                                                                                         *INTERFAITH CEREMONIES
                                                                                        Intimate - Affordable - Stress-Free!!!

Do you want a beautiful, dignified, individually customized ceremony that is personally created for you, the couple, to be performed at your convenience and location in any of our geographical areas, where are clergy are located?

Pre-marital counseling is not required, but is available to those that wish it assistance is given to those who wish to write their own vows.

All reasonable requests for music (secular as well as religious) and readings are honored. Elements from both the bride and groom's religious traditions are combined to prepare a unique ceremony reflecting each couple's faith and heritage.

Our Past weddings have ranged from simple non-religious to traditional ceremonies.

This part of our ministry is characterized by elegant, carefully planned and flawlessly performed ceremonies with an intelligent, dignified wedding sermon to which the couple and their families can relate.

Anyone of our Clergy can perform any marriages within anywhere in the United States of America, straight or gay it does not matter, what matter is the expression of your love and commitment to your significant other. (* Please note if our clergy is not comfortable doing same-sex marriages, it is their decision we do not force them to do perform, but we do have other clergy than we can refer over to if need too.

Whether you're here on vacation and would like to get married around the State of New York, rather it be an Elopement, Vow Renewal, deployment, surprise or Commitment Ceremony... the Priestly Society of The Inner Christ the Light can help.

We will be happy to assist you with accommodations, entertainment, restaurants and any other services you may require whether you are visiting to this State or not.

​Choose from any of our Ceremonies or write your own. We're happy to customize your Ceremony any way you'd like. It's YOUR WEDDING!

And we will provide you a keepsake copy printed on parchment paper. You'll also receive a keepsake Marriage Certificate on parchment.

(Note: This is NOT your Marriage License. You must secure the license from any County Clerks Office in your state.)

We'll be happy to submit your license to the County for your convenience. A license is not required for Vow Renewals or Commitment Ceremonies unless you so desire.

If out of the USA that we are situated in, there will be fee discussed to help pay for gas and our time to plan the perfect wedding for you .
For those who would like to know more about our legal stance as ministers or priest please read our page on legal stance here.

We in the Priestly Society of The Inner Christ the Light understand that there are many who do not belong to a specific church or denomination, or who feel alienated from a former church that they have belonged, yet are in need of a minister or priest to perform a your specific need, such as a Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Marriage, Anointing, Funeral Service, or Home Blessing.

We also understand that not all may be very "religious" and that their needs and requests may differ from the "traditional" Catholic Service. We know that trying to plan for any Service is hard enough without a Priest adding additional requirements or demands.

We are very flexible and are willing to work with the faithful and to accommodate their individual needs and desires; within the context of Christian worship.

Should the occasion arise when you or a family member are in need of a Priest to perform a Catholic Service, please call and we will be glad to serve those in need. Please see all the Services available on this site.

We are available to serve you by offering Services at your home, a reception or banquet venue, parks or beaches, funeral homes, cemeteries, or other place of your choosing. All clergy are self-sustaining, not receiving a salary from the church.

Our website is simple, our service is simple, our prices are simple....call, or e-mail

Other services that we offer to the public are below:

Holy Communion
Anointing of the Infirm
Funeral or Memorial Services
Nursing Home
Hospice Services
Home Masses Home or Business Blessings Emergencies

                                                                                   Contact Information

In the please e-mail Bishop Alban (+ Kirk Mason) at
weddingreferal@psicl.org for your wedding or other ceremony referral today.


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