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Conclave August 2016

                                                                Are You Called Into Ministry?

"Be a bright flame before me, O God a guiding star above me. Be a smooth path below me, a kindly shepherd behind me today, tonight, and forever." St Columba

Welcome If you are thinking about stepping into a deeper sense of  the Independent Catholic/Sacramental Movement and are looking for a more spiritual approach to your life maybe even wishing to become ordained formally as a deacon or priest and if you have an attraction to and feel called to the priesthood, diaconate or religious life, the Priestly Society of The Inner Christ the Light would like to hear from you then you have come to the right place.

It has been also our been our experience that many Christian Universalist clergy find themselves forced to turn to "credential mills" to obtain ordination documentation and other services because they so often cannot, in good conscience, embrace the creeds of most mainline denominations. We understand and have decided to do something about it, hence, the Priestly Society of the Inner Christ the Light.

We welcome applications for both ordination and incardination from older people as well as the youthful. Please realize that our priests and deacons are all volunteers, "barefoot priests." Like St. Paul, who was a tent-maker, we too usually find secular employment to finance our ministries (we are "bi-vocational"). There is no room for careerism, greed, or guilt here. Our ministries are sacrificial, not lucrative. We try to be very straightforward in all respects. We are compassionate, but firm. We are gentle, but not fools. We pray ceaselessly for wisdom.

We provide training to become a deacon or priesthood are invited to place themselves under the supervision of one of the bishops of the church. Applicants for any of these paths (who are not already ordained) normally receive online education through Epiphany Seminary. As well as training here in New York and other place where our bishops are, if at all possible. Our formation program is personalized to meet the needs of the individual.

We have to not here that Epiphany Seminary is not "credential mill." The PSICL does not sell ordination certificates or nor the seminary give phony theological degrees. Neither does the PSICL strictly credential ordain “wedding priests” ,even though it can be one of your ministries. The PSICL will ordain men and women to the ministry.

If you are indeed called by God to a life of service as a Deacon or Priest, and you feel that God has led you here, then we can begin or continue your priestly formation. Please understand that anyone who seeks holy orders with us must first be fully trained. During that period of time it takes to be trained, a student will have ample time to demonstrate stability and a heart of compassion.

A student will also begin building his ministry within his or her local community. We do not offer ordination lightly. If you come to us without being already properly trained elsewhere, you will need to complete your training with us then our programs are for you.

Initially, the PSICL will act as a repository for the sacramental ministers (bishop, priests, deacons and those in minor orders) , who hold to that of the beliefs, has Christian Universalist, who has been previously ordained in apostolic succession. . The candidate for transfer or incardinate in the society will be asked to provide copies of all ordination documents, personal references, statement of belief and copies of a criminal background check.

All applicants, in the first instance, are invited to. contact us via email at info@psicl.org

The Priestly Society of The Inner Christ the Light allows for dual affiliation of members, as well as associated membership as well, so it is normally possible to retain membership of another compatible church, or independence while pursuing ordination, incardination or association with the PSICL, if so desired.

Please note ~ obtaining ministry ordination is separate from our programs ~ meaning you will not automatically become ordained by completing any of our ministry training programs.


This is an appropriate place to present the PSICL’s position regarding education and ordination. Unlike many mainstream denominations, the Priestly Society of the Inner Christ the Light does not require college or seminary training for ordination. This does not mean the Society does not value education; in fact, the Society encourages its clergy to obtain as much education as possible, present it to Christ, and use it for His glory. We do, however, acknowledge that Christian Universalists find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to seeking admission to Bible colleges and/or seminaries.

Therefore, no man or woman called by God to the ministry will be denied ordination simply on the basis of lack of formal education. The Lord has many ways of preparing His servants and we view college and seminary as only two of those ways. Thanks to the multitude of quality resources available today, there are many alternative ways in which the Christian Universalist minister may prepare him/herself for useful service to Christ.

In our training programs, you will be taught the basics of Christian religion, how to create a ministry, what being a deacon and priest means and much more.


The PSICL stands ready to assist any candidate for the sacramental ministry in his or her quest for training. The Society had designed a course of study, the Epiphany Seminary , whereby candidates for ordination may gain a good, basic theological education. Though reading and writing intensive, the emphasis of the program is placed upon substance rather than style. Work will be submitted via e-mail, read by an advisor and returned with suggestions. All work will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Upon completion of the program, the candidate will be awarded a Degree in Theology.

For those individuals already ordained in apostolic succession or ordained in other traditions seeking to be ordained in apostolic succession, we provide advanced classes for those seeking new ideas, expanding their ministries, as well as programs on embracing our ever-changing world climate in terms of serving Christ Jesus and his people from this day forward.

We look forward to working with you as you deepen your connection to spiritual connection to begin your ministerial training work with and toward all people of God ~ and we welcome you as we walk this educational path together!                                                                              

We look forward to working with you as you deepen your connection to Christ Jesus to begin your ministerial training work with and toward all people of God ~ and we welcome you as we walk this educational path together!

Please read our By-laws page for more information about how we operate as a church before you look at our ordination program as well as fill out our application as well in pdf or word doc format below. and Print out our Rule and Commitment: The Rule, sign the commitment to the society as well: The Commitment

For those who want to know our legal status please read the following link here, For more information, feel free look at our seminary page linked here . We look forward to hearing from you!

For laymen that would like to be apart of us, we have our third order called the Inner Circle, you may as well join us by joining our third order.  We welcome married and single lay monks, nuns, hermits as well as vowed lay persons within the Third Order.

contact us at info@psicl.org

To see what your be studying click here at the  Seminary  page

*  Please note while we are not Pentecostal or charismatic, this video is very informative for helping your discernment on your call into ministry, and once your find you would like to study and become ordained through our society, your mentor will be one of our  convening bishops or local priests, who will help you along your spirit path towards bi-vocational ordination and ministry as deacons and priest, so please watch.

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